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Front-end processing eliminates the need for a separate image processor or scan converter.

Tessera processors include a range of broadcast-quality video processing, including motion-adaptive deinterlacing, up-/down-scaling, and clipping (region-of-interest)*. M2 processors also contain two parallel processing pipelines giving the ability to cleanly fade or snap between video sources and/or settings.


Incorporating front-end processing into the LED processor not only saves the substantial cost and increased system complexity of adding a scan converter, but often also gives a lower end-to-end system latency.


The M2 processor supports a wide range of input resolutions and formats, including SD/HD/3G-SDI (both level A and B) and DVI-I, again removing the need for external converters.


Thumbnail previews and resolution/rate reporting give quick confirmation that video sources are being correctly received. Static and animated test patterns are built into the processor, as are buttons to instantly freeze and black-out the LED wall.

*For the exact features available on each processor, please see the comparison page.

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