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The Tessera system is genlocked from the video input all the way down to the LED refresh cycle, giving perfectly smooth video with no dropped or doubled frames. The panels always refresh at an exact multiple of the input frame rate, with inputs of 23-60Hz supported.

M2 Processors can be locked to any one of their video sources, to their bi-/tri-level sync input or internal timing reference. T1 Processors can be locked to either the video input or internal timing reference, while S4 Processors automatically lock to the video input.


Genlock can be used to lock the processor refresh to a camera's shutter for better on-camera performance by preventing the rolling black bars seen on free-running systems.


Alternatively use Genlock to lock multiple processors can also together for completely seamless shows with no tearing. The processor can even add extra delay should it need to match with other slower video systems.

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