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Tennesee rockers Kings of Leon recently completed the European leg of their latest tour, taking in venues and festivals across the continent.

Key to the visual element were the eye catching on stage Everbrighten BR7 screens supplied by Chaos Visual Productions.

For the first time the screens were driven from the Brompton Tessera M2 Processor, which now incorporates the BR7 into its growing library of supported LED panels.

The M2 supports DVI and SDI inputs up to 1080p and includes its own broadcast quality scaler and de-interlacer, reducing the need for additional front-side processing. It's very low latency and genlock options make it ideally suited for IMAG applications. It also has the option to control colour, brightness, black level and gamma settings on all input and output signals.

Alex Leinster, UK Managing Director for Chaos Visual Productions, said:

"We are very happy with the M2 processing. It gives us great flexibility, low latency and high reliability. We look forward to using it again in the future."

More details here:

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