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Gearhouse Group hosted its “Welcome to Tomorrow” event in Johannesburg in September 2016, showcasing its latest technology to 600 clients and suppliers. The launch took place in the inaugural build of the Maxi Dome Lite Venue - a bespoke temporary structure designed and built in South Africa by Gearhouse In2Structures, the Group’s specialist design and manufacturing company.

The event had performances from MC Jason Goliath, Pixel Poi Performers from Dreams of Fire, The Kiffness, Matthew Mole, and The Musos. The acts were supported by an impressive 23m x 7m panoramic video backdrop, provided by three of LEDVision’s HD ROE Black Pearl LED screens and powered by the Tessera M2 processor.

LEDVision also clad sections of the interior venue walls with flexible ROE LED Strips, programmed via the Tessera M2 to work with the screen display design, providing a fully unified and immersive experience.

The Tessera M2 processor ran all AV content seamlessly, with synchronised lighting and video effects as well as a live camera picture-in-picture feed. Gearhouse described the LED screen and the Tessera processing as “delivering on its promise to provide outstanding colour processing and clarity in a breath-taking backdrop to the event”.

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