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Our partner iMAG has been busy putting Tessera M2 processors to work on several projects that demand vibrant, seamless, attention-grabbing displays.

Mobile World Congress, Gran Fira, Barcelona

For the third year in a row, iMAG were invited to provide multiple LED solutions for a flagship company stand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The installation was at Mobile World Congress, which surpassed their visitor record for the first time in the events’ history with nearly 101,000 attendees.

The large, dual-levelled stand required multiple LED columns and a high resolution static LED screen, with perfect screen consistency and quality maintained across both. With two Tessera M2s providing seamless processing and pixel mapping, iMAG created an engaging, vivid display with its ROE Black Onyx 3.4mm. The large, high-resolution LED screen served as a clear focal point for visitors, allowing the keynote speakers to maximize their appeal to a wider audience, and boost visitor engagement.

Entrepreneurs Boot Camp, Brighton

iMAG were commissioned to design and deliver a conference set that would both wow the audience and effortlessly complement the guest speakers at the Entrepreneurs Boot Camp in Brighton.

Using two Tessera M2s, iMAG set up a versatile system that could easily broadcast live and pre-recorded presentation material on any part of the canvas of high-resolution LED screens. Several curved column screens accompanied the main displays, giving depth and visual interest to the stage.

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