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Metallica is currently in the throes of the European leg of their worldwide WorldWired Tour. The tour is in support of the band’s Hard Wired… To Self-Destruct album, which was released in late 2016. Brompton partner PRG Nocturne has been supporting the tour’s video needs in the US and Europe.

The European tour makes use of 52 video cubes suspended above the stage, which move dynamically and provide independent lighting, video content, special effects, and live IMAG at various points throughout the show.

Each cube is comprised of 8 ROE CB5 tiles, making a total of 416 panels. There are eight active Brompton M2 processors running all video content to the panels, with two M2s on standby as backup. The M2s work seamlessly with disguise (formerly d3) 4x2 media servers which playback the video content.

Mark O’Herlihy, Head of Video Services at PRG Nocturne, said:

“Brompton’s Tech support has been second to none and most impressive. We are very happy with the M2 and will be using it on many more projects in the future.”

Metallica Production Credits:

Video: PRG Nocturne (Mark O’Herlihy)

Show Director & Set Designer: Dan Braun

Production Manager: John “Lug” Zajonc

Video Crew Chief: Mark Woody

Video Director: Dave Neugebauer

Video Programmer & AD: Gene McAuliffe

Video Engineer: Graham Holwill

Video Techs: Jason Lebel, Thomas Pagano, Victor Davis, Corey Lang, Benjamin Welch, Neil Welch, Erin Lynch, Julian Van Bussel, John Moore

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