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St Kilda Film Festival has been showcasing Australian short films since 1983. The festival is produced and presented by the city of Port Phillip. Accredited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the St Kilda Film Festival is an Academy Awards qualifying event, with award-winning films from the Festival eligible for consideration in the Short Film Awards and Documentary Short sections of the Oscars.

This year's festival opening night took place on Thursday 17th May at the prestigious Palais Theatre. Instead of the typical cinema projection setup, Brompton partners Mediatec provided the festival with a huge, vibrant LED screen to play the short films being shown that night. The screen was comprised of ROE Creative Display CB3 panels and powered by four SX40 processors for a crisp, colour-true 4K resolution.

For the past 10 years Mediatec have been providing projection for the festival, and the team "are thrilled to be part of this innovation."

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