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The latest version of Tessera processor software is now available for download.

The key new features include support for the SX40 and XD, an updated, modern and intuitive user interface, and simplified project creation.


​Support has now been added for the SX40 4K processor, and the XD fibre distribution box.


​​Both the local and remote user interfaces have been updated to a new modern look and feel. The most notable change is the new video pipeline display at the top of the user interface.

​There are tabs to switch between Canvas, Network Topology (SX40 only) and Online devices, and tabs to switch between Presets and Log.

​Video pipeline display functionality includes:

  • ​Single click an item to select it and access its properties

  • Single click a section header, such as 'INPUTS' or 'PROCESSING' to select all corresponding items

  • Double click an item to activate it​


Project handling has been updated in V2.0 to make project creation simpler, and includes improvements to the fixture library.

Some of the new features include:

  • ​Simplified project creation - no need to specify panel types or canvas options up front

  • ​Panels of any type can be added at any time (from the network or from the fixture library)

  • ​The fixture library can be searched

  • The canvas pixel pitch adjusts automatically when required (or can be manually configured)

  • Canvas properties (such as resolution and interpolation mode) can be changed at any time

For more details on known issues and bug fixes, check out the the download page for Tessera 2.0.1.

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