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The latest version of Tessera processor software is now available for download.

The key new features include closed loop redundancy and custom resolution support for the SX40, as well as a new, even faster way to associate large numbers of panels to your Brompton processor.

We'll highlight these features below, but for more information please see the software download page.


​Closed Loop Redundancy is now supported on the SX40. This is how to configure your system:

  • Trunk pairs may be (independently) configured for redundant operation (A+B, C+D)

  • Load capacity for each redundant pair is the same as for a single non-redundant trunk

  • Symmetry must be maintained:

  • XDs are mirrored on the backup trunk

  • Panel chains must be connected to the same port of the same XD on both primary and backup trunks

Once the system has been cabled correctly, redundancy should be enabled for the ports using closed loop redundancy cabling under the Network tab in the processor:


Quick Association is a new, even faster way to associate large numbers of panels to your Brompton processor.

Each string is assigned a unique numeric code. During association, this appears on the first panel of each string. Enter the numeric code on the processor (number keys or numpad) to select the string you want to associate. The string then appears 'attached' to the cursor, ready for placement on your canvas.

Quick Association is:

  • Supported by all processors, in both remote and local UI

  • Only supported by panels using the R2 card, of at least 64x64 pixels

  • Enabled by default when adding from network (unless in blind mode)

  • Easily toggled on/off from a toolbar button


The SX40 can now accept custom resolutions, as long as they adhere to the following rules:

  • 720 <= width <= 4094

  • 720 <= height <= 4095

  • Width * height <= 8847360

  • Width must be even

Please note, the Scaler will be disabled if a custom size is chosen.

For more details on known issues and bug fixes, check out the the download page for Tessera 2.1.

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