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The latest version of Tessera processor software is now available for download.

The key new features include Panel On Screen Display, processor redundancy for the SX40, and the Tessera UI now available in Chinese. We'll highlight these features below.

We have also added the ability to rotate fixtures by 90 degree increments using the SX40.

For more information please see the software download page.


​The new Panel OSD provides detailed status information on your panels.

  • Supported by all processors, in both remote and local UI

  • Supported only by R2-based panels with at least 64x64 pixels


  • Panel Information

  • Module Information

  • Ethernet Information

  • Calibration Information

  • Video Status

  • I/O Status

  • Temperature plots

  • Error plots

OSD button in Device window

To enable OSD, select the fixtures you wish to display the OSD on, and click the 'OSD' button in the DEVICE window.

  • Sections can be cycled through using the left and right arrows next to the OSD button

  • Further pages of the same section (if applicable) can be paged through using the up and down arrows next to the OSD button


Now supported on the SX40!

Please see the topology below to correctly configure your SX40 system for Processor Redundancy:

  • ​Both processors may be fed from the same video source if required

  • Using an upstream splitter is strongly recommended over HDMI/SDI through

  • Each processor can be fed from a completely independent video source

  • Different formats (HDMI/SDI), resolutions, framerates, etc are supported with no requirement for any aspect of the sources to match

  • Can be used with or without closed loop redundancy (image above shown with closed loop redundancy)

  • XD firmware must be updated for redundancy to function correctly

Once the system has been cabled correctly, redundancy should be enabled and the correct role set for each processor in the Failover tab. When Failover is triggered, no video will be shown for approximately 2-3 seconds while panels are re-associated to the backup processor.

Failover tab


The Tessera processor User Interface now has Chinese language support.

This can be accessed from the Preferences menu, under the Language section, using the Change Language drop-down.

Chinese User Interface
Chinese User Interface

For more details on known issues and bug fixes, check out the the download page for Tessera 2.2.1.

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