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The Brompton Technology Asia team

The Brompton Technology Asia team, from left to right, Pokman Chu, Account Manager, Summer Zhang, Office Assistant, Thomas Walker, Product Manager, Elijah Ebo, General Manager, Jack Fung, Lead FAE, Jacky Kwan, Senior FAE and Vivi Chiang, FAE

Brompton Technology, manufacturer of high-end LED video processors, is delighted to announce the official opening of its new China office, based in High Tech Industrial Park, Nanshan, in the modern metropolis of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, on March 15th.

The decision to open a dedicated China support office was made in direct response to requests from Brompton’s customers, with Shenzhen being the obvious location as the region is now home to the majority of LED panel manufacturers.

“At the first few meetings I had with potential customers in China, there were two immediate comments made,” explains Elijah Ebo, Brompton’s General Manager (China). “I was told, ‘It’s nice to meet you, but we don’t speak English, so you’ll struggle to deal with us,’ and ‘London [where Brompton’s head office is located] is a long way away and the time difference is considerable. But if you had an office here...’”

As a fast moving, highly responsive company, Brompton acted quickly and within just a few weeks had employed two Chinese speaking Field Application Engineers (FAEs) to help its customers with system design and technical support, whilst Elijah, who is also learning to speak Mandarin, started travelling to China more regularly.

“We acquired the office space in August last year and we’ve already seen a considerable benefit,” Elijah adds. “And in addition to being on hand in Shenzhen we have recently added Chinese language support to all our processors, which can be accessed via the Language section of the Preferences menu, and are in the process of updating all our technical and marketing literature into Chinese as well as working on a new Chinese website.”

Both the new office and Chinese language support have had a big impact on how quickly and how many people the team can see.

“Our panel manufacturer partners and customers appreciate the fact that we are now readily available for them to communicate with and offer support when needed and that we have both Mandarin and Cantonese speakers in our team,” concludes Elijah. “We are very much looking forward to welcoming many of our key customers to Shenzhen.”

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