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Leading manufacturer of high-end LED processors, Brompton Technology, is pleased to unveil its latest Tessera Processor Software 2.3 for its entire range of processors, as well as High Dynamic Range (HDR) video technology, on booth 2889 at InfoComm 2019.

Tessera Processor Software 2.3 will include a number of new features for the SX40 such as High Frame Rate and sub-fixture support, and Ultra Low Latency mode. In addition, processor-wide features including OSCA seam correction enhancements, scaling with custom resolutions enabled and genlock following the active input are also available.

The SX40 currently offers support for up to 60Hz with 12 bits per colour output. The V 2.3 High Frame Rate is set to increase this to up to 144Hz for panels that can support it. This will reduce input lag and deliver smoother motion, providing significant advantages for e-sports, broadcast and cinematography, where very high frame rates are required to achieve a perfectly fluid image. For situations that require industry leading latency, such as virtual broadcast studios and green-screen replacement, SX40 Ultra Low Latency mode halves Brompton’s end-to-end system latency (from input source to image on screen) from an already impressive two frames to just a single frame for video sources that can support it. Finally, improvements to OSCA seam correction effectively handle skewed seams between panels, with independently adjustable correction values for each end of every seam able to cancel out undesirable brightness gradients.

Brompton will also be showing its highly anticipated High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, which garnered wide acclaim at Europe’s ISE and ProLight + Sound shows earlier in the year.

HDR video offers a new approach to delivering better image quality, without requiring finer and finer pixel pitches to achieve it and brings a trio of image quality improvements that are particularly well placed for LED screens. For every pixel, HDR offers a larger brightness range, a wider colour gamut, and a higher bit depth, thus delivering greater detail within the shadows and highlights, increased contrast, and more headroom for exceptionally bright content that might otherwise be 'clipped'. All of this is perceived by the human brain as a sharper, more detailed image with greater 'depth' and more vivid, more lifelike images than SDR video, even when the pixel count remains the same.

“Our latest software update brings significant improvements to our world leading SX40 processor, which is proving highly popular in the US market,” says Brompton’s Product Manager Thomas Walker. “We are delighted to be able to show our US customers these new features, particularly as Ultra Low Latency and High Frame Rate will make a real difference to end users involved in e-sports, film and broadcast applications. In addition, we are anticipating our HDR technology will generate as much excitement in the US as it has in Europe.”

InfoComm takes place in Orlando, Florida from 12th to 14th June. Register for the show at using VIP Code BRO542 for your free pass.

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