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Tessera LED processing is a state-of-the-art, vendor-agnostic system designed to fulfil the needs of high-profile live events, television, and top-end installations.


Tessera has the power to support even the most demanding productions; combining robust, reliable operation with ease of use.

The system consists of a Tessera processor and LED panels which have been fitted with Tessera receiver cards. Our R2 cards come in a revolutionary small form factor which makes it easy for panel manufacturers to integrate into their designs, and with the addition of an inexpensive carrier board can be retrofitted into existing panel stock.


We assist our partners every step of the way to make integrating with our technology straightforward, to allow them and their customers to reap the full rewards of Tessera processing.

User-friendly Tessera management software provides a powerful interface for controlling all aspects of the system. This can either be run remotely on a Windows or Mac computer connected to the processor over a network, or locally on the processor by connecting a keyboard, mouse and monitor. With OSCA (On-Screen Colour Adjustment) you can even make changes using a special user interface on the LED video screen itself.

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