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Tessera's ChromaTune feature offers powerful and intuitive colour correction for maximum control.


ChromaTune is perfect for making precise adjustments to the colours in the incoming video signal. Use it to ensure accuracy across branding, e.g. corporate logos rendered in the correct colours, or product videos appear true to life at trade shows. 


ChromaTune is exclusive to Tessera M2 and SX40 processors.

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ChromaTune has two primary operating modes:

Operating Modes

14-way colour corrector lets users independently adjust colours in the video without affecting any other colours.


Hue, saturation and brightness adjustment controls are provided for each of the primary, secondary and tertiary colours.


Red, green and blue gains are also provided for each of black and white.


Colour replace lets users select a colour in the video to be replaced, and the colour to replace it with. A colour picker is provided to select these colours from a still of the video feed itself.


Options are available to control the colour and brightness tolerance of pixels to be replaced, and the strength of the replacement. The view matte option creates a greyscale image indicating which areas of the video will be replaced.

Example correction
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