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The Tessera Management Software makes it quick and easy to set up your project,
whatever the configuration.

The user interface gives direct control of the powerful video input processing options, including scaling, using intuitive controls. Any input can be previewed, with auto-detection of resolution and timing and status reporting.

For the selected video source, various video-on-canvas modes let users preview how the video will map to fixtures. This allows video inputs and fixture maps to be fully configured before the actual video wall is built.

The software tracks how the data connections are linked between fixtures, making it topology-aware. This makes it extremely quick to associate the fixtures detected on your network with the fixtures in your layout, minimising on-site setup time and assisting with fault-finding.

Many project settings, including fixture group position and rotation, global colour settings, and all settings of the video input, can be stored into presets, allowing for fast one-touch recall of configuration changes. Variable parameters – including fixture position – or the recall of presets can also be linked to live control inputs such as DMX512 or eDMX making it easy to integrate the LED video within a larger system.


The user interface can be accessed from a monitor, keyboard and mouse connected directly to a Tessera processor.


A similar user interface is also accessible by running Tessera Remote software on a Windows PC or Mac connected to the processor via an Ethernet network. The Tessera Remote software can be used in Offline Editor mode, to allow preparation of project files without a processor.

Video data is streamed over the network to allow input thumbnails even when controlling the system from Tessera Remote.


This unique remote control ability allows for control of the system from a convenient front-of-house or vision gallery position, while placing the processor close to the video sources or the video wall to minimise cabling complexity

Tessera software is free to download, and is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes, continuing to add value to a Tessera system long after purchase. To download the latest version, see the downloads page.

Software Screenshots

Preview content using thumbnails, and
mapping on the fixtures themselves with video-on-canvas modes.

Quickly draw arrays of any size,
selecting from a range of topologies, or
place fixtures individually.

Save colour, video and group position
settings to presets for quick recall
during the show.


Load bars give visual indication of
remaining network capacity at chosen
bit depth and frame rate.

When adding fixtures from the network,
strings are automatically detected and
coloured for easy association.

Detected fixtures are available in a
tabular view, providing a quick way to
perform tasks such as firmware reload.

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