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For seamless integration with a lighting control system, Tessera M- and T-Series processors offer live control via DMX512 or eDMX protocols such as Art-Net.

Channels can be configured to control a wide range of parameters including:

  • input port selection

  • input colour settings

  • fixture group positioning

  • RGB gains

  • screen intensity


All processors come with a number of pre-built profiles, offering commonly used sets of controls. You can use these pre-built profiles to save time entering controls on the lighting desk. Power users with specific or unusual needs can build their own custom profiles with a tailored set of controls.

Controls may be updated at up-to the video frame rate, enabling real-time dynamic control. In addition to industry-standard DMX/eDMX protocols, all Tessera Processors can be controlled by the Tessera Control software - more info below.

Tessera Control

Tessera Control is a simple application, separate from the main Tessera Management Software and supported by all Tessera processors. Available for Windows PC and Mac, it provides an easy way of controlling parameters across multiple processors simultaneously, removing the need for a separate lighting desk or lighting control software.

Simply connect a computer running the Tessera Control software to the management port of the processors, and select the same channel number on all processors to be controlled together.


Offering a simple easy-to-use user interface with basic controls presented in a similar style to the main Tessera software, controls include screen brightness, preset triggering and input switching.


Tessera Control is free
to download here.
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